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Be better prepared with our wide array of online training courses. Our courses range from basic introductions to advanced analysis and specific applications. Our self-paced digital training allows technicians and service providers to keep their inspection skills sharp on their own schedule.

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Organize classrooms across the globe, provided by experienced trainers and combined with e-Learning.

Offer state of the art e-Learning programs covering technology as well as the use of your equipment.

Introduce everyone to the exciting world of advanced NDT through free introductory courses.

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New and Popular Courses

DefHi® Product Training

810 USD (Included in the Tubing package)


1 hour



SIMS PRO ECA Tutorials



45 min



Lyft Tutorials - Ship Deck Inspection

810 USD (included with the PEC package)


2 hours



ECA Tutorials

810 USD (Included in the surface ECA package)


4 hours



Eddyfi Classroom

Blended learning is the combination of e-Learning and classroom-based training. It is a great way to make training more efficient while taking into account that every learner is different. Eddyfi offers state-of-the-art blended training for most of its product lines. These courses typically cover the theory and introduce the products through e-Learning, then cover the nitty-gritty of their use and applications through thorough hands-on sessions.

E-Learning allows learners to go through the material at their own pace, taking the time they need to process the information. Our courses usually contain quizzes and interactive exercises that allow you to make sure that the subject is well understood. Throughout both the e-Learning and hands-on sessions, Eddyfi experts remain available to answer any questions you have.

We offer these courses for our product lines on set dates in our facilities worldwide and on-demand. The following courses have planned dates:

Blended Class Room NDT Training

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