Classroom - Reddy and Ectane Surface ECA Inspection

Eddy Current Array, or ECA, is an advanced NDT method that be extremely versatile. Eddyfi’s blended ECA training is a very thorough course which covers everything you need to know in order to confidently operate the Eddyfi Reddy and Ectane systems. The course begins with a 6-hour long e-Learning program which covers the theory Eddy Current Arrays as well as data interpretation and analysis.

Upon completing the e-Learning, trainees join us for a 2-day hands-on training in which we cover the use of the system and concludes with a practical exam.

  • ECA Standard Training e-Learning must be completed prior to attending the class.
  • 6 hours of e-Learning + 2 days of classroom based training.
  • Certificate provided upon completing the hands-on session.
  • Access to the e-Learning package lasts for 1 year.

Dates and Locations:

We can also offer group training for your team, either at your premises, at ours, or remotely through virtual classroom. Get in touch for more information.

E-Learning 6 hours
Classroom 16 hours

The following e-Learning courses are included with the Reddy and Ectane classroom

E-Learning - Reddy and Ectane Surface ECA Inspection

Our Eddy Current Array (ECA) e-Learning package contains roughly 9 hours of content, covering the theory and utilization of both ECA and Tangential Eddy Current Array (TECA) technology).

These courses are updated regularly, and we are committed to releasing more useful courses covering applications, features and advance use.

All ECA e-Learning courses are available with the blended classroom ECA training.

Price: 695 USD

ECT and ECA Theory


6 hours


TECA and Sharck BW Product Training


3 hours


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